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Unitive Mysticism

If you happen upon the tracks of religion you should follow them, not to where they are going, but from whence they have come.

Sean O'Laoire: Setting God Free:Moving Beyond the Caricature We've Created in our Own Image. 


The Reconnective Healing experience (RHE) is a numinous encounter with infinite loving inteliigence. Mystics through the ages had direct knowing (gnosis) of this but didn't have the science to put it into words.  And so Unitive Mysticism is what I teach. It's nothing new and certainly not my own brand. Any spiritual teacher worth their salt teaches this too... although they may use other vocabulary. Essentially this is the non-dual teaching that Love is the source and ground of all being - meaning you and I and all creation share the same being-ness. There is no separation.


What begins as genuine mystical encounter, once a community grows, becomes an organisation … then an institution ... then an orthodoxy, and finally a 'heretic-slaying, infidel-conquering war machine'.  

Many years ago I was an ordained Minister of Religion in an evangelical church.

I know all too well how my own experiences were defined within categories that cohered to the group consensus and cultural protocol.  I remember  how I longed for the freedom to think for myself, and now realise how debilitating dogma is to personal expression and soul-growth.  I do sense there is a growing collective longing to evolve beyond organised religion. 


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I find that the more I learn about transpersonal psychology... the more I study 'The Keys' and other gnostic texts… the more my awareness and appreciation of the multi-dimensional aspect of the RH experience is deepened and enriched.   


I would like to help others reconstruct faith, and learn to value inner personal experience (gnosis) above inherited orthodoxy.  

I seek to do this by sharing my own story as I create my own myth, by which I mean develop a meaningful personal cosmology - a task that ultimately we all must undertake. 

I think "Unitive Mysticism" is the way forward as we choose the direct path, and Reconnective Healing is a wonderful practical expression of this greater unitive life.


If you, like me, want to break free from the constraints of institutional dogma, yet welcome an unfolment of personal faith mining for that treasure hidden in the field, you're in good company.  I suspect there are quite a few of us!  




I upload weekly to my YouTube channel LET'S RECONNECT where I share insights from my own inner journey, re-defining faith in the light of my experience and through a psycho-spiritual lens.  I enjoy hearing about your thoughts and experiences too.


 I'm convinced that the return to wholeness of Reconnective Healing equates theologically to a return to the mystical roots at the heart of all religion, and affirms the innate unity & synthesis we find there.

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