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"I think this book is wonderful and a great gift to children. I would go further and say it is vital for the mental health and well being of children and for introducing them to the values that will serve them throughout their lives."

~ Anne Baring  The Birds Who Flew Over Time

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Message from Jill

If you're a teacher who has used my guided visualisations in the past, thank you for returning to this website domain... 

I've now collected the visualisations together in the form of a book.  It is a fuller and more developed resource than was previously online.  Self-published on AMAZON it relies on social shares and word of mouth for publicity. If you do buy a copy PLEASE leave a rating and a review. It really makes a difference with the visibility ranking and helps spread the word.


I've tried to make it super affordable, allowing a small margin to fund ongoing marketing. If your school has already spent your budget for the year, don't worry… follow the IMAGINE & REFECT Facebook page for a selection of sample material.  


Imagine & Reflect is a teaching resource to develop the imagination and promote deeper learning in children. Compiling of fifteen self-contained units, it supports learning around wellbeing, self-awareness, philosophy and ethics and Religious Education. Guided visualisations are followed by prompt questions exploring themes relating to belief, philosophy and ethics  to help develop critical thinking, self-awareness, compassion and responsible citizenship.  

Designed for use in the primary classroom it exemplifies the revised (Ofsted 2019) statutory requirements for RE and includes pupil assessment of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Core Attitudes.

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