Jill is a Master of Theology & Religious Studies with over 20 years experience in education both as a teacher and a consultant specialising in using visualisation as a tool for learning.

She continues to use visualisation as tool for developing a rich inner life.  Through her YouTube channel she encourages others to explore spiritual themes with the aim of freeing the religious imagination from fundamentalism of any kind.  Her ASMR-style videos to nurture openness and create a calm, safe space for building community around shared values.

Prior to being a teacher Jill was an ordained Minister of Religion in an evangelical church.  She describes herself as a 'closet Universalist' who was always more comfortable with 'doing' the social gospel than preaching salvation.  Her experience gives her insight into the partisan purity culture mindset and how it feels like to be trapped within a monocultural bubble.

 Jill is now committed to helping people redefine faith through a psycho-spiritual lens - a modern re-working of "Unitive Mysticism", with Reconnective Healing being the praxis that demonstrates and evidences the unitive principle.

The return to wholeness of Reconnective Healing equates theologically to a return to the mystical roots at the heart of all religion, affirming the innate unity & synthesis we find there.