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The goal of our lives is to connect with each other through love,

and to reconnect with The Divine.  

Reconnective Healing®

The Reconnective Healing Experience (RHE) is an activation of energy, light and information. It is transformative at the level of body, mind and spirit and goes far beyond what we ordinarily expect of a healing modality. more...

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Mystical Theology

The RHE is a numinous encounter with Infinite Loving Intelligence. Mystics through the ages had direct knowing (gnosis) of this but didn't have the science to put it into words. more...

Spiritual ASMR

ASMR induces a deeply relaxed meditative state and helps us feel more deeply connected to one another. It is the perfect medium for devotional readings and spiritual content that seeks to inspire and soothe the soul more...


Jill Brennan

Jill became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in 2015 under the

direct guidance of Dr Eric Pearl.

  She is a Master of Theology & Religious Studies with over 20 years experience in education both as a teacher and  consultant specialising in using visualisation.    

Her particular interest is in bringing ancient mysticism to a new audience and encouraging people to create their own myth.   

Jill is a content creator on YouTube and offers Reconnective Healing sessions worldwide.

About Jill