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The goal of our lives is to connect with each other through love,

and to reconnect with The Divine.  

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Creating space for inspiration ...

Introducing a gentle ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness 

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian method of reconciliation and forgiveness used traditionally as group therapy, and developed into a self-help method by Mornnah Simeona, and more recently Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len. Being a practice I have personally found to be tremendously helpfuI in my own deepening journey I have created a practical full-colour workbook as an interactive 40 day journalling experience. For the first 20 days I guide you through the teachings and practices that I have found helpful and encouraging you to reflect and record your own thoughts. In this beautiful full-colour workbook I share personal stories and reflect on similarities I've found between the life and teachings of Jesus and Ho'oponopono philosophy. Some pages have prompts and tasks and others are left blank for note-taking.  Whether you designate a 40 day stretch or dip in and out,  I hope you find the process  a truly deepening and enriching experience.

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A return to wholeness

Reconnective Healing®

The Reconnective Healing Experience (RHE) is an activation of energy, light and information. It is transformative at the level of body, mind and spirit and goes far beyond what we ordinarily expect of a healing modality.

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Unitive Mysticism

The Reonnective Healing Experience (RHE) is a numinous encounter with Infinite Loving Intelligence. Mystics through the ages had direct knowing (gnosis) of this but didn't have the science to put it into words. 

Spiritual ASMR

ASMR induces a calm & relaxed meditative state and helps us feel more deeply connected to one another. It is the perfect medium for spiritual content that seeks to inspire and soothe the soul.


Jill Brennan

About Jill

Jill Brennan is a teacher, writer and self-confessed compulsive truth-seeker.  She holds a Masters degree in Theology and Religious Studies and has over over 20 years experience in Education specialising in using visualisation as a tool for transformation. Today her main interest is in unitive mysticism, in particular reframing Christian theology from a non-dual perspective.  Jill became a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in 2015 under the direct guidance of Dr Eric Pearl and offers distance sessions worldwide.