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A Return to Wholeness

The goal of our lives is to connect with each other through love,

and to reconnect with The Divine.  

Jill Brennan 'Let's Reconnect'

Jill Brennan is a Master of Theology and Religious Studies specialising in unitive mysticism. From being an ordained minister within an evangelical mission running a direct access hostel for homeless women in the east end of London, she entered the field of education where she has over 20 years experience both as a teacher and educational consultant. She has written and co-written classroom resources that use visualisation to help develop spirituality in children and support learning around philosophy and ethics. 

Her main interest today is in supporting people through the process of faith deconstruction and emerging self-awareness. She sees both of these as inevitable and evidential signs of soul growth at a personal level and evolving progressive revelation at the collective level.  Her approach is the direct path through a non-dual understanding of the nature of reality, and Loving Presence as the ground of all being.


Jill creates video content on her You Tube channel Let's Reconnect. She also practises Reconnective Healing and offers distance sessions via video link worldwide.