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The purpose of our lives is to reconnect with one another and with the Divine

Lent 2023

Wed, Feb 22  - Thu, Apr 6

Jill Brennan is a teacher, healing practitioner and content creator in the field of spirituality and soul growth. She aims to help people find wholeness through Reconnective Healing and unitive mysticism.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a 'hands off' form of healing that functions within a spectrum of energy, light and information. During a session the practioner feels indicators in their hands as they move them while holding a person in mind with an intention for healing. Hence a dynamic relationship between  practitioner,  client and Source Energy is established, activating the powerful Reconnective Healing frequencies. 

Wisdom Teaching

Let's Reconnect is an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with wisdom through the medium of softly-spoken ASMR-style videos. The term 'wisdom teaching' refers to the mystic inner core at the heart of all religious or spiritual traditions, without the rituals, doctrinal literalism, sectarianism, and power structures that are associated with institutionalized religion.  

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